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Primary-Higher Secondary Education: Major reforms on the horizon

The government plans to overhaul the education system. This will include eliminating public exams prior to class 10, and ensuring that students do not have to take any exams up until class 3. The new curriculum will place less emphasis on memorizing and more emphasis on activity- and experiment-based learning. Yesterday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina approved the outline for the new curriculum. It will be implemented in phases starting January 2023 and fully implemented by 2025. From class 11, the government will also introduce streams, including business studies, science and humanities. Students had to choose from the nine streams within the existing curriculum. Dipu Moni, Education Minister, stated that the government is committed to reforming the existing education system after receiving approval from the PM. We don't want students to be under the stress of education. She stated that she wanted to provide students education with fanfare and replace the memorisati