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Long-Cherished Chandpur-Sylhet Intercity Train Still A Dream

A train service that connects Chandpur and Sylhet has been a long-standing need for people living in the south and south-western regions of the country. A large number of residents from the region journey through Chandpur in order to see the shrines to holy gods Hazrat Shah Jalal and Shar Paran each day. Students also attend medical colleges and universities in Sylhet.A majority of tourists also travel to the district's north-eastern region to take in the natural beauty of the area. Day in and day out , they are afflicted by the fact that road travel is dangerous and takes a long time. According to Railway officials in the year 2000, a Laksam-bound commuter train coming from Chandpur was equipped with several coaches to it to accommodate passengers from Sylhet. At Laksham junction the coaches would join Jalalabad Express trains. Passengers can travel to Sylhet with relative ease and with a low cost without any trouble. It was stopped on September 20 in 2000 following